6 Reasons Why Getting to Know Yourself is Absolutely Vital

In the age of the "Microwave Era," instant gratification is the name of the game. And everyone seems to believe that in a blink of an eye, every step can be skipped and majestically you arrive at your "Happily Ever After." Many of us are rushing through life, wondering why relationships never work, why we haven't gotten that promotion we've been vying for or most of all why we aren't even truly happy, no matter what we have. It all boils down to some of us skipping the most important step of all about life, taking the time out of it, to get to know what and who you are.

Not knowing yourself can the be the cause of life's most notoriously unsolved mysteries. Here are 6 reasons why getting to know yourself is absolutely vital.

1. Never Ever Take Less than you Deserve Again

Getting the most out of your life absolutely depends on how well you know yourself. How are you to know what's good for you? what your worth is for your next paying job? what's "enough" in terms of affection you need from your significant other? if you don't even know yourself. You will never ever feel slighted again or feel like you're getting "less than", if you know who you are in the first place. You will know that you are worth more than a lot of the situations you expose yourself to and avoid them all together. Take the time out to ask yourself series of questions like these a day and answer them to yourself truthfully: What makes me happy? How do I envision myself with in the next year? What do I like? Who do I want to be? Start being inquisitive towards your inner self and you're getting closer to figure out who you are. 

Be Happy with yourrself

2. You can make Your Own self Happy 

Can you answer the question what makes you happy? Have you taken the time out to explore your dislikes and likes? Have you been able to pay attention to where you find yourself in your most natural habitat or been able to identify the chores/tasks that you wouldn't mind doing for the rest of your life, if you had to? Can't answer these questions? Well let's start there. You can truly make yourself happy and you don't need your knight in shinning armor or your house with the white picketed fence to get it. But, it's going to start with your decision to discover who you are, the good, the bad and ugly. Figure her out first, be happy with what you find when you do, or don't stop bettering yourself until you're truly content with the person you are. Not blanketing it by material things, titles and relationships, but being able to look at yourself in the mirror and be absolutely happy and proud with what's reflected back to you. 

3. Stress is handled much better

Alarmingly 91% of adults feel stress in at least one important area of their lives. Stress is also defined as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. What does that mean for you? Are you able to identify your breaking points, the amount of pressure you truly can and can not take? Basically back to square one, do you know you? Think about it, if you know you, you can predict stress better. You can know, "Hey, I already know I don't handle those type of situations well, maybe I should avoid it this time." Or "Hmmm, I noticed every time something is due, I wait to the last minute possible and I'm always stressed out, maybe I should try a earlier approach this time." Taking minutes like these to self check yourself and being aware of yourself in the first place can help dramatically with how successfully you handle your stress or just even avoid it all together. 

4. You can have successful Relationships

Not just in romantic relationship but with any interpersonal relationship you take on, knowing yourself is going to be key in the success of developing them. You HAVE to know your ins and outs before you can prosper with anyone else. In romance, we often times want our significant other to "figure us out," but how are we asking this of someone else when we haven't even gotten around to doing it for ourselves? Relationships truly work when two people come together and grow together. How can you be on the "same page" with someone if you don't even know what you want the title of your book to be? Before you enter into any companionship, friendship etc, work on getting knowledge of self first. You have to know how you would like to be treated, handled, loved, spoken too, taken care of for yourself before someone can meet you there. We promise do that first, and everything else (and people) will fall into formation. 

Become your own main focus

5. You become YOUR main focus

Tired of feeling like you don't get back what you put into a lot of situations? Getting to know yourself can help tremendously with this. It's time to put yourself first. Self knowledge, self preservation and self care isn't being selfish, it's necessary. Often times, we're ripping and running through life, worry about everyone else's well being and happiness instead of our own. When you're in the process of getting to know yourself, you begin to understand how valuable you are to your life and the life of others. You begin to understand the importance of creating your own pedestal, for people to have to get through obstacles to get to you. That your time is VALUABLE, that your love is VALUABLE and not everyone deserves it. Most of all you begin to understand, that you ARE the commodity and not everyone warrants even a pinch of your SPARKLE! None of this is done in a malicious way, but a caring for oneself's way, to know that if you don't do this for yourself, no one will have the blueprint on how to do it for you. 

6. You can Set Goals in life

Where do you see yourself in 5 years, isn't just a common interview question, that's a real life question. Employers are making sure that your potentially new job aligns with your life goals. And knowing yourself plays an immense role in getting down to the bottom of that. You have to be able to answer honestly how you see yourself now, where you see yourself in the future and how are you're going to get there. That's the start to making attainable goals in your life. It's always going to start with how well you know and are truthful with yourself. If you know you want to become the Head of ABC Marketing in 5 years, taking that position as an IT tech, may not necessarily help you get closer to that dream. Everything you do in life has to be intentional and meaningful to the bigger picture and the ultimate end goal. To be impact-full and not just aimlessly getting through life, you have to have goals, and that's going to start and finish with knowing yourself and ultimate wants.

We truly hope this helps all of our sweeties get closer to knowing themselves. It matters, you matter and are worth the trouble it takes to get to becoming your uttermost best fiend. That's what true self knowledge and love get's you. The assurance of ALWAYS being your best friend.

We'll leave you with one of our head sweetie's, favorite song lyrics from the Queen of R&B Miss Mary J. Blige song Be Happy " How can I love somebody else, If I can't love myself enough, to know when it's time, time to let go."

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