Meet our New "Pretty Girl" of the week Andrea Nicole!

Meet our New "Pretty Girl" of the week Andrea Nicole!
Head Sweety @Sw33terthanu got a chance to personally catch up with Andrea and learn more about her new EP “Straight From The Heart." Check out our conversation below! 

What was the thought process behind “Straight From The Heart EP?”
Andrea: My creative process comes from a passion deep within. I truly believe I was given a gift of songwriting and singing to touch the lives of others. It's not about me at all. The songs you will hear on this project will make you think about life, love, happiness and the ups and downs in relationships. I want people to be able to vibe to the beat and connect with the lyrics.

Sweety: Which song would you say is your favorite off the EP?
Andrea: Huh that is a hard question. I love them all but if I had to choose it would be “Right Way To Love Me“ because of all the emotion and passion behind it. As I began writing that song I began thinking about my relationships and others around me who were going through tough times trying to make it work. We have all been there at some point or another in life... I feel a lot of people will relate to this song.

Sweety: What message would you say this EP as a whole sends? Or what does it represent?
Andrea: The message that this ep sends is that whatever you face in life you have to keep pressing forward. You can't allow people or situations to keep you from your destiny. I want people to know you can't treat people any kind of way and expect them to just take it... in relationships or just life period. We all deserve to be loved and respected...and if who you're dealing with can't respect that they need to keep it moving!

Sweety: What’s the story behind Andrea Nicole?
Andrea: I am just a southern Christian girl with a dream who decided to go for it! I have always had a passion for music. My musical background stems from the church. I started singing in my church choir at Bethlehem Baptist church when I was just a little girl. You can still find me in the choir stand today on Sunday mornings doing what I love. I have had the privilege to perform on prominent platforms such as the Bobby Jones Gospel Show and the Historic Apollo Theater sharing the stage with some of the greatest artist in the industry. I am very proud of how far I have come but I am excited about where I'm going. The sky's the limit!!
We can't wait to see what else Andrea has in store, stay tuned! 
Stay connected with Andrea Nicole:
Instagram: @AndreaNicoleMusic
Listen to Andrea's new EP here!

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    Keep pushing forward Andrea

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