Meet our NEW "Pretty Girl" of the Week Anika Rashaun!

Meet our NEW "Pretty Girl" of the Week Anika Rashaun!
Akina Rashaun



Anika Rashaun is the CEO and founder of AskAnika and She has been seen on shows such as MTV’s The Challenge and Real World.
Anika is a free-spirited twenty something female living a bi-coastal lifestyle in two of the greatest (and most expensive) cities in the US – New York and Los Angeles. Anika’s vast experience is derived from her career in the marketing, events, hospitality and public relations fields. She is now onto her newest venture – working as a producer of her own TV series and furthering her career as a host. 

Anika Rashaun
AskAnika is a lifestyle brand, founded April 2015 in New York City. Topics include travel, food, technology, and relationships. 
Her main focus is empowering women to take risks and do what they want - on their termsAnika has worked with brands like Pantene, Dove, Under Amour and much more!
Anika Rashaun
When asked" What is one thing you would tell a young woman about self love, self knowledge etc?"

Anika says:  One thing I would tell young woman about self-love and self knowledge is:
All the inspiration that we spend so much time searching the world for is actually within ourselves. I think that as women we spend so much of our time feeling so much pressure from media and from our surroundings to fit into a particular stereotype that we don't realize that we are already queens.
Self confidence starts from within, sometimes it helps to give yourself pep talks or stick post-its up, whatever you have to do to build that confidence, because that reflects on your outside appearance as well as reflecting on your confidence.
There is more than enough room for every single person who wants to succeed, to succeed. Its important to focus on yourself, keep a positive circle around you and put out positive energy, because energy is contagious. The most important thing I would tell them is: "Don't give up before the miracle happens".
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  • Leslie B.

    Yess!! I love, she is such an inspiration to young women following their dreams and maintaining a positive outlook. She helps motivate me to keep a positive attitude and positive energy around me. #bestprettygirloftheweek

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