Meet our NEW "Pretty Girl of the Week" Dupé Aleru!

Meet our NEW "Pretty Girl of the Week" Dupé Aleru!
After being laid off five times within a five-year period and surviving a life threatening medical condition, Dupé Aleru tapped into her greatest superpower: an unwavering ability to conquer adversity. She forged her own professional path over the past decade, combining her passion for speaking and content creation to becoming a successful serial entrepreneur.
In 2010, she launched her first business, Tutors for Tots, Tweens & Teens— a K12 tutoring company. Shortly after, Dupé developed a personal brand as a 4x self-published author, international award winning keynote speaker and curriculum developer. Dupé is now recognized as a motivational influencer and a leading authority for curriculum and online course development — working with school districts, government agencies, and entrepreneurs across all industries.
When asked "What is one thing you would tell a young woman about self love, self knowledge etc?"

"There is NO ONE ELSE on the planet like you. How beautiful is that? Self-love is constant, yet I feel as though it will take a lifetime to master because a person is always evolving into the person he or she is suppose to become. It is human nature to want to compare ourselves to other people; however, it is damaging to our spirits and self-esteem. Self-awareness, knowing who you are and what makes you tick (purpose), will allow you to embrace all of you, your quirks, your talents, and your ability to connect with other people in your unique way. When you have the mental strength to always choose YOU (without wanting to be someone else) you will find happiness in places you have never seen before."
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