Meet our NEW "Pretty Girl of the Week" Imah B.!

Meet our NEW "Pretty Girl of the Week" Imah B.!

Imah B. is the founder and CEO of ConfidentlySHE and the S.H.E Academy. She wants to live in a world where all women are empowered to unapologetically be the best version of themselves. She prides herself on not only inspiring hundreds of women to be a Boss Babe on their own terms, but being able to SHOW them how to do it successfully through her consulting agency, The S.H.E. Academy. 

As a social media strategist and serial entrepreneur, she’s been admired for her ability to build genuine connections and relationships with others through social media and convert them into viable businesses that influence the world. From these relationships built primarily via social media, she’s been able to earn well over five figures in the past year alone.


When she’s not teaching women how to build their businesses via social media, you can find her being a young-adult that lives her BEST life and understands that she does not have to sacrifice her belief in Christ in order to be accepted. She in return spreads love and light and encourages women alike to do the same.

 Her latest eBook, Mastering Instagram, is geared to help women all over learn how to effectively use the platform in order to further their business endeavors. Her planner “The Future is Female” will be released March 2019. You can purchase it for presale February 18, 2019. Find more details on her products and services at 



When asked: "What is one thing you would tell a young woman about self-love, self-knowledge etc?"

Imah says:  "You are wonderfully and masterfully made, and you should always LOVE thy neighbor as you do yourself. We always hear that, but do we really understand what it says? Are you giving yourself the same love that you so freely give to someone else? You should never love someone else more than you love yourself... You don’t have to be a carbon copy of anyone you see on social media, and you definitely do not have to put anyone else down in order to see the beauty in who you are."


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Instagram: @iamconfidentlyshe

Instagram: @confidentlyshe



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