Meet our NEW "Pretty Girl" of the week Jenee Naylor!

Meet our NEW "Pretty Girl" of the week Jenee Naylor!
Jenne Naylor
Jenee Marie was born in St. Louis, Missouri. Jenee graduated from Lindenwood University with a degree in retail business/marketing. She currently resides in the DMV area where she works in the retail landscape.

Over the past few months Jenee has focused on her personal brand and sharing her love of fashion, beauty, and all things style related. Jenee's goal in starting her blog "J Marie Styled It" was to have a permanent place for her content to live as well as a place to continue to build a community of style lovers like herself.

Jenee likes to call herself the ultimate high/low mixer, this is so very important to her because she feels that a lot of times women get overwhelmed with feeling that fashion is out of their reach because of financial limitations or just feeling like trends are out of their comfort zone, her goal is to dispel that idea and show that style can be achieved no matter your budget or lifestyle.

Jenee's motto is " Style is attainable, let me show you how!"
When asked, "What do you want young women to know about self love, self care etc?"
Jenne says: I would want young women to know they have to be their number 1 fan. And it's easier to say than to do but in my early 20s I had so much self doubt which led me to believe certain aspirations were out of my reach. I attribute that to waiting on others to validate my worth instead of loving myself enough to go after what I wanted.

Once you make the choice to believe in yourself no matter what and to make your happiness a priority your self worth will sky rocket. If I could tell my younger self one thing it would be: you can do anything you want and the only person stopping you is YOU! 
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  • DeeDee

    Way to go Jenee❤️ So very proud of the woman you have become! Such an inspiration and blessing to women?

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