Meet our NEW Pretty Girl of the Week Nikki Payne!

Meet our NEW Pretty Girl of the Week Nikki Payne!
Nikki Payne has embarked on a mission to change lives by spreading the message of 'creating wellness from the inside out' over the past decade. Nikki's diverse efforts include publishing various E-books, speaking at special events, offering career training through her "Art of Body Sculpting" training courses and hosting an annual Atlanta 5K Walk event in honor of her children. To further emphasize the importance of overall wellness, Nikki has volunteered her skills as an Esthetician to treat women in shelters as well.

Licensed as an Esthetician since 2013, her new cosmetic spa is located in the heart of Buckhead Atlanta and offers a variety of non-surgical services to help women achieve physical health. Services include laser lipo, lipo cavitation, vacuum therapy, v-steam and more. Affectionately recognized by many as the 'Comeback Queen', Nikki strongly affirms that looking and feeling better are key components in maintaining positive mental health. Nikki encourages women of all facets to develop a holistic balance in their lives and through her latest business venture 'Vain Bodies by Nikki', she's created a serene environment that offers just that. 
When asked "What you do you want young women to know about self love, self care etc.?
Nikki says " If I could tell a young woman one thing it would be to dedicate 6 to 12 months to yourself.  Working on YOUR goals, working on YOUR finances, working on YOUR personal development and physical fitness, working on YOUR career.  It isn't about being selfish, its about self care.  And what you will find is that through this time of loving yourself, you will never settle for anyone that loves and respects you less than you love and respect yourself."
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