Meet our NEW "Pretty Girl" of the week Shamanda Burston!

Meet our New Pretty Girl of the Week Shamanda Burston! 

Shamanda Burston is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Clinical Addictions Specialist, Consultant, Speaker, Real Estate Broker, Executive Producer, Writer and Global Entrepreneur. Shamanda provides professional counseling to those with mental health disorders, addictions and other life challenges. Shamanda combines her love and skills of problem solving, empathy, active listening and business to assist to her clients in healing and reaching goals. Shamanda relocated from her small town of Shelby, NC to the city of Charlotte, NC and most recently to Atlanta, Georgia where she is the CEO of multiple small-businesses, a Full-Time Therapist and a Single Mom of 2!

Shamanda has served in various leadership, community volunteer, and mentorship roles. She has presented at various professional conferences on topics such as cultural competency, trauma, mental health/substance abuse treatment, HIV, addiction and positive psychology.


Born and raised in a small town and single-parent home, Shamanda became a teenage single mother and high school dropout. Determined to overcome her own challenges and setbacks, she completed her adult high school diploma and received a B.S. degree in Human Services and M.A./Ed.S degree in Mental Health Counseling/Education Specialist from Gardner-Webb University. Shamanda shares insight on the importance of resiliency, determination and manifesting one’s goals, dreams and aspirations.

As a consultant, Shamanda practices her motto of “Helping people help themselves!” Shamanda assists clients in overcoming daily challenges in business, creating work/life balance, utilizing effective time management skills, and the power of saying “No”. Shamanda also provides consultations for businesses and entrepreneurs on success motivation, goal-setting, saving/budgeting/investing ideas….and more!

When asked "What I would tell a young woman about self love?"
"Take time to learn yourself before giving yourself away (parenting, marriage, etc.). Fall in love with yourself, first. says Shamanda
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