Meet our New Pretty Girl of the Week Shaunell Robinson Kennard!

Meet our new "Pretty Girl" of  the week Shaunell Robinson Kennard!
Miss Conceited
​Meet the mastermind showing the world that being “conceited” can be positive! Miss Conceited, Shaunell Robinson Kennard, 32 is a wife, mother, in addition to the founder and CEO of Conceited Inc., a growing beauty empire that exemplified her status as a transformative entrepreneur, gifted educator, and powerhouse in the Eyelash Extension industry.
Miss Conceited INC
Thirteen years ago, Shaunell took a leap of faith and left her native New Orleans for Atlanta as a hopeful young mother with her son and a large vision. With time, hard work, dedication, and her shrewd business mind, that dream has turned into the reality of Conceited Inc. Known for its extensive product line of eyelash extensions, glamorous mink and volume lash applications, Shaunell's overflowing clientele ranges from visitors to her Buckhead boutique to students around the country who sell out her World of Lashing tour classes. Choosing to share the secrets of her success in the beauty industry, Shaunell debuted her very first Lash Extension Training DVD- the first of many well-received educational materials that illustrate her commitment to coaching and personal empowerment. A dynamic motivational speaker, Shaunell Robinson Kennard uses her own story of hard work and success to empower others to succeed.

For Shaunell, lashes are only the beginning. Not only has Conceited Inc expanded to include a custom shoe and luxury extension, but Shaunell Robinson Kennard will be the first lash extension educator at the world-renowned, Bronner Brothers Hair Show. Shaunell is currently preparing to open a Beauty School in Atlanta, Georgia. In Conceited Inc. and its visionary leader show pretty girls everywhere that beauty and brains build powerful business.

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