Meet Pretty Girl of the Week Velma Trayham!

Meet Our Newest Pretty Girl Of The Week Velma Trayham!

Velma Trayham

Velma Trayham is an award winning Business expert, Author and CEO of Thinkzilla PR & Consulting Group. She devotes a lot of time helping faith leaders grow their churches and manages marketing strategies for major events. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and works across the southern United States.

Born in Houston, Texas, Velma became a successful businesswoman by helping others acquire success, through hard work and a drive to succeed. Velma was hit by a semi-truck, an accident that changed her life. Her near-death experience set about a change in the way she conducted herself and led to her writing on a completely new subject. Her upcoming book, When God Says Go, reflects this new way of thinking. When God Says Go is an inspirational story that will help you achieve your personal and professional dreams. That’s because Velma’s experience was not limited to her. God was using her as a vessel to spread His message to the masses. His power is the greatest education and motivation. And with this book, you will learn to become the best version of yourself that God intended you to be

When God says Go

Velma also acts as a mentor, helping those less fortunate whenever she can. She lives
by the quote ‘you will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get
what they want’ and firmly believes that you get back what you put into the universe.
It is this way of thinking has turned her into the person that she is.

Her generous acts have seen Velma attract several public accolades, including being
featured on covers of publications, awarded in 2016 Top Entrepreneur award by
Houston Power Professionals named as one of the “Faces of Black Houston” and as a
Stellar Leader having receiving many proclamation’s by the City Of Houston, Mayor
Sylvester Turner . She has also been recognized by Worldwide Branding as an
honored Executive of Who’s Who Nationwide and was featured on the cover of
“Texas Oil & Gas Magazine.”

Velma will continue with her mission to help grow churches, provide hope to those
who have none and be a light to many people in the dark world in which we live in,
by speaking to people across the world.
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