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Meet our NEW "Pretty Girl of the Week" Dominique Broadway!

Meet our NEW "Pretty Girl" of the Week" Dominique Broadway! Provocateur and trailblazer can be used to describe this millennial. Dominique has transformed the reputation of personal finances into a social experience by making it engaging, trendy and easy to understand.Dominique Broadway is an award winning Financial Planner, Personal Finance Coach, Speaker, Finance Expert, Entrepreneur and the Founder of Finances De•mys•ti•fied & The Social Money Tour. She has a strong passion for working with young professionals, entrepreneurs and people of all ages to bring their Dreams2Reality. Dominique began working at major brokerage firms such as UBS Financial Services and Edelman Financial Services, at the ripe age of 21,

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Meet Our New "Pretty Girl" of the Week Kay Meeks!

Meet Our New Pretty Girl of the Week Kay Meeks!  Kay Meeks is originally from North Carolina and moved to New York 5 years ago. Fashion has always been a passion of hers. As she started out being a model in fashion shows, hair shows, and music video actress. Kay turned her passion into becoming the owner of an online clothing store. Thus her brand Meeks Wear; discovered by Meeks was born. The business name inspiration came from her last name and wear obviously means to wear clothing, accessories, etc...   Kay has now been in business for 1 year and a half now. She absolutely loves her culture therefore most of her products are of ethnic taste. Kay is also an inspiring TV...

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Meet our NEW "Pretty Girl" of the Week Deidre Palode!

Meet our NEW "Pretty Girl" of the Week Deidre Palode! Deidre Palode is the Founder and Senior Publicist of MayLee Media and creator of It's Just PR, which is a publicist platform. Deidre is best described as a God-Fearing, small town girl with a big-city mentality. Growing up in middle Georgia and the gulf coast of Mississippi, Deidre has taken her humbled beginnings to make outstanding finishes. Known to some as an athlete, but known to most as one of the best up and coming publicists in the city, Deidre Palode is the sought-after media professional. She is the Founder and Senior Publicist of Public Relations firm MayLee Media, creator of PR Platform “It’s Just PR”, and journalist for 1340 Fox Sports...

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