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Meet our NEW "Pretty Girl of the Week" Naseema McElroy!

Meet our NEW "Pretty Girl of the Week" Naseema McElroy! Naseema is the founder of Financially Intentional, a blog about personal finance and living life intentionally. She discusses how taking control of her finances has enabled her to overcome bankruptcy, divorce, and break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. She shares her lessons along her path to help others benefit from the freedoms of financial independence. Outside of encouraging people to get their financial act together, Naseema is a mother and Labor and Delivery Nurse.Though making six figures for years, she struggled with money. Finally realizing she couldn't out-earn her financial ignorance, she knew she had to make some changes. By shifting her mindset around money, being consistent and...

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6 Reasons Why Getting to Know Yourself is Absolutely Vital

In the age of the "Microwave Era," instant gratification is the name of the game. And everyone seems to believe that in a blink of an eye, every step can be skipped and majestically you arrive at your "Happily Ever After." Many of us are rushing through life, wondering why relationships never work, why we haven't gotten that promotion we've been vying for or most of all why we aren't even truly happy, no matter what we have. It all boils down to some of us skipping the most important step of all about life, taking the time out of it, to get to know what and who you are. Not knowing yourself can the be the cause of life's most notoriously unsolved...

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